Association of circadian genes with diurnal blood pressure changes and non-dipper essential hypertension: a genetic association with young-onset hypertension

Leu HB, Chung CM, Lin SJ, Chiang KM, Yang HC, Ho HY, Ting CT, Lin TH, Sheu SH, Tsai WC, Chen JH, Yin WH, Chiu TY, Chen CI, Fann CS, Chen YT, Pan WH, Chen JW. Hypertens Res. 2015 Feb;38(2):155-62.

To establish the relationship between circadian rhythms and cardiovascular health, a study of 372 young hypertensives was performed, in which SNPs in the circadian genes bmal1 (rs3816358), per2 (rs6431590), npas2 (rs3888170), ror (rs10519096) and β (rs1410225) were shown to be predictive of non-dipping hypertension (as measured via ambulatory blood pressure). A second cohort of 619 young-onset hypertensives were then assessed, and confirmed the genetic association.

The SNPs are found in:


bmal1 rs3816358

NCBI Variation Viewer rs3816358


per2 rs6431590

NCBI Variation Viewer rs6431590


 npas2 rs3888170

NCBI Variation Viewer rs3888170


ror-a rs10519096

NCBI Variation Viewer rs10519096


ror-b rs1410225

NCBI Variation Viewer rs1410225


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