CRY2 genetic variants associate with dysthymia.

Kovanen L, Kaunisto M, Donner K, Saarikoski ST, and Partonen T. PLoS One. 2013 Aug 8;8(8):e71450.

This paper aimed to discover the role of polymorphisms of circadian genes in depression and pathological anxiety. To that end, the Finnish study of 5910 people tested 48 circadian gene SNPs, and found that four cry2 SNPs (rs10838524, rs7121611, rs7945565, rs1401419) are significantly associated with dysthymia, a mild and chronic form of depression (diagnosed via Munich-Composite International Diagnostic Interview criteria).

The SNPs in cry2 :

cry2 rs10838524-rs7121611-rs7945565-rs1401419

NCBI Variation Viewer rs10838524-rs7121611-rs7945565-rs1401419


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