Genetic variation in circadian rhythm genes CLOCK and ARNTL as risk factor for male infertility.

Hodžić A, Ristanović M, Zorn B, Tulić C, Maver A, Novaković I, Peterlin B. PLoS One. 2013;8(3):e59220.

A case-control study was performed to determine the role of circadian genes in male infertility. The study consisted of 517 cases and 444 controls, all of which were of Slavic origin and recruited from three outpatient fertility centres. A chi-square test found three SNPs (rs11932595, rs6811520, and rs6850524) on the clock gene that are associated with male clinician-diagnosed infertility. A haplotype analysis was then performed and confirmed the association.

The SNPs in the clock gene

clock rs11932595, rs6811520, and rs6850524

NCBI Variation Viewer rs11932595-rs6811520-rs6850524


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