Circadian polymorphisms associated with affective disorders

Kripke DF, Nievergelt CM, Joo E, Shekhtman T, Kelsoe JR. J Circadian Rhythms. 2009 Jan 23;7:2.

To determine the meditatory effect of circadian rhythms in mood disorders, the authors performed a study involving 444 Canadian and American families. 198 SNPs were assessed for relationships with bipolar disorder and chronotype preferences (as measured by a questionnaire for major depression, bipolar disorder, and psychosis and the Basic Language Morningness Scale respectively).

The results indicated that a C/T SNP in the rev-erb-α gene (rs2314339) is associated with bipolar disorder. Additionally, the per3 SNP rs228697 was found to be associated with eveningness and a csnk1e SNP with morning preference.

rs2314339 in rev-erb-α

reverba rs2314339

NCBI Variation Viewer rs2314339

rs228697 in per3

per3 rs228697

NCBI Variation Viewer rs228697


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