PER2 variation is associated with depression vulnerability

Lavebratt C, Sjöholm LK, Partonen T, Schalling M, Forsell Y. Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet. 2010 Mar 5;153B(2):570-81.

This study sampled 1847 people recruited from the Swedish national registry to determine the role of genetics in depression. The authors found significant associations between several individual SNPs in per2 (rs6431590, rs3739064, rs10462023, rs2304672), npas2 (rs1374324), ror-α (rs2028122) and depression. The authors found that these SNPs were overrepresented (rs6431590, rs3739064, rs2304672) or underrepresented (rs10462023, rs1374324, rs2028122) in individuals with depression than in those who were mentally resilient. Additionally, an additive protective correlation was found in a set of per2 SNPs (rs934945–rs6431590–rs3739064; haplotype CTA). When individuals with depression were compared to a control population the authors found that those with depression were more likely to have the rs2290036 SNP in bmal1 and less likely to have the ror-α SNP rs2028122.

The authors also assessed whether the previous associations were still significant after controlling for negative life events or financial strain in the previous year. The results showed that rs10462023 in per2 and rs1374324 in npas2 were still more likely to be found in people with depression than in mentally resilient individuals. Additionally, those with the rs2028122 SNP in ror-α were overrepresented in the depression cases compared to all other subjects, but only when controlling for financial strain.

SNPs in per2

per2 rs934945–rs6431590–rs3739064-rs10462023-rs2304672

NCBI Variation Viewer rs934945rs6431590rs3739064-rs10462023-rs2304672

rs2028122 in rora

ror-a rs2028122

NCBI Variation Viewer rs2028122

rs1374324 in npas2

npas2 rs1374324

NCBI Variation Viewer rs1374324

rs2290036 in bmal1

bmal1 rs2290036

NCBI Variation Viewer rs2290036


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