Association between polymorphisms in the Clock gene, obesity and the metabolic syndrome in man.

Scott EM, Carter AM, Grant PJ. Int J Obes. 2008 Apr;32(4):658-62.

A study assessed the association between SNPs in the clock gene and metabolic syndrome. The 537 subjects from the United Kingdom were recruited via the Leeds Family Health Authority register. The cohort provided blood samples that were used for genotyping and analysis of several measures of metabolic syndrome (as defined by the International Diabetes Federation), including fasting insulin, glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations.

The authors found haplotypes of clock SNPs (rs4864548-rs3736544-rs1801260) that are associated with metabolic syndrome. The CGC haplotype was found to be protective against metabolic syndrome, whereas the CAT haplotype was overrepresented in subjects with the disorder. Looking at individual markers of metabolic syndrome, the CGC haplotype was associated with lower waist and hip circumference, lower BMI and reduced plasma leptin concentrations.

The SNPs on clock

clock rs4864548-rs3736544-rs1801260

NCBI Variation Viewer rs4864548-rs3736544-rs1801260


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