Analysis of polymorphisms in the circadian-related genes and breast cancer risk in Norwegian nurses working night shifts.

Zienolddiny S, Haugen A, Lie JA, Kjuus H, Anmarkrud KH, Kjærheim K. Breast Cancer Res. 2013;15(4):R53.

To determine biomarkers for the risk of breast cancer in night shift workers, a genetic case-control study in Norwegian nurses was conducted. The participants were 1,182 women ages 35 to 74 years who had worked as nurses for at least one year. They were genotyped, had their breast cancer statuses determined from the Cancer Registry of Norway, and their work records recorded to assess exposure to shift work.

After adjusting for several confounding variables, those homozygous for the C variant of rs4238989 and the G variant of rs3760138 in the aanat gene had an increased risk of cancer. Additionally, those homozygous for the T variant of rs2278749 in the bmal1 gene and the T variant of rs3749474 in clock had reduced risk of breast cancer.

Additionally, a statified analysis was performed, showing associations between variants in aanat (rs3760138 and rs4238989), clock (rs3749474), ror-b (rs3903529, rs3750420), mtnr1a (rs131113549), bmal1 (rs2290035, rs969485 rs2278749), bmal2 (rs2306074), csnk1e (rs5757037), npas2 (rs17024926) and per3 (rs1012477) and cancer. The exact associations depend on short and long term (>5 years of work) exposure to night work and the maximum number of consecutive night shifts.

All of these results were found to be noteworthy in a post hoc multiple comparisons procedure.

SNPs in aanat

aanat rs4238989-rs3760138

NCBI Variation Viewer rs4238989-rs3760138 

SNPs in bmal1

bmal1 rs2278749-rs2290035-rs969485

NCBI Variation Viewer rs2278749-rs2290035-rs969485

rs2306074 in bmal2

bmal2 rs2306074

NCBI Variation Viewer rs2306074

rs3749474 in clock

clock rs3749474

NCBI Variation Viewer rs3749474

rs1012477 in per3

per3 rs1012477

NCBI Variation Viewer rs1012477

SNPs in ror-b

ror-b rs3903529-rs3750420

NCBI Variation Viewer rs3903529-rs3750420 

rs5757037 in csnk1e

csnk1e rs5757037

NCBI Variation Viewer rs5757037

rs17024926 in npas2

npas2 rs17024926

NCBI Variation Viewer rs17024926


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