Investigation of 3111T/C polymorphism of the CLOCK gene in obese individuals with or without binge eating disorder: Association with higher body mass index

Monteleone P, Tortorella A, Docimo L, Maldonato MN, Canestrelli B, De Luca L, Maj M. Neurosci Lett. 2008 Apr 11;435(1):30-3.

To test the hypothsis that polymorphisms in clock genes affect weight and the likelihood of binge eating disorder, 192 overweight/obese people and 92 age and sex matched normal weight controls were recruited for a case control study. They were genotyped for the rs1801260 SNP in clock, had their BMIs measured, and were assessed for Binge Eating Disorder by the Structured Clinical Interview.

The authors found no significant difference between genotype or allele frequency  and obesity, even after statifying the patients by binge eating status. However, within the overweight/obese group, it was determined that the CC genotype and C allele of rs1801260 were associated with higher BMI (40kg/m²) compared to other geotypes and the T allele.

rs1801260 in clock

Clock rs1801260

NCBI Variation Viewer rs1801260


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